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(888) 719-5779

Q..Who can I call if I have questions?
A…Please call 1-888-719-5779
We are here to help. Our hours are 7 am to 7 pm mst
By chance we arnt able to answer, please leave a voicemail we will get back to you quickly.

Q..How can I get phone number to a local buying representative?
A…Please call 1-888-719-5779. We will be able to give you direct contact name and number of buying representative in your area that you can call or text. Or we can have them contact you.

Q..,What if there isn’t a local buying representative in my area?
A…If there isn’t a local buying representative in your area we can set you up with our easy free mailing service with quick payment

Q..What precious metals will I be paid for in my dental scrap?
A..We pay for all four metals, gold, silver, palladium, and platinum that may be found in your Dental scrap. Giving you a higher payout! Don’t settle for companies that only pay you for the gold.

Q..Can my Dental scrap have tooth and or porcelain attached?
A…Yes it melts away in the refining process. Our buyers are highly trained and know how to valuate and buy with or without tooth and porcelain attached.

Q..How long does it take to receive payment?
A..If you have a local buyer in your area payment is immediate at the same time as the valuation and pickup.
If you are using our easy free mailing system we will offer you a settlement within 24 hours of us receiving your Dental metals or scrap gold. If you are satisfied a check will be mailed to you immediately. If you have lab metals there is a longer waiting process, it takes upto 14 days to receive assay and payment.

Q..What if I’m unhappy with my settlement offer?
A.. If you are working with local buying representative we only take your metals if you are satisfied with your offer price. Your valuation is free and you will be paid immediately. No risk for you!!
If you are using our free easy mailing system . We will make you an offer if you are unsatisfied we will return your metals to you free.

Q. Is there a minimum required for mailing service?
A..No, however we greatly appreciate if you can send as much as possible in one shipment

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We are in every state nationwide including Arizona, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois and the Hawaiian Islands.

What we Buy

Dental scrap
Pfgs, pfms
Gold partials
Onlays, inlays
Dental lab metals
Casting grains
Cremation metals


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